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Bon Voyage! Where Would You Explore for Your Trip of a Lifetime?

You only get to take a trip of a lifetime once so where on earth could you go that will create lasting memories, not to mention endless stories that you can bore people with for years afterwards! Have you got your passport? It's time to find out! 

A Mediterranean Cruise

You seem to be the type of person who likes trying new things and exploring new cultures. You're probably not fazed by trying to communicated in different languages either. A Mediterranean cruise  gives you a heady mix of all of this with lots of different cuisines thrown in.
Europe has so much history and architecture to explore without too much sailing in-between. You could return to the ship for a rest but we know that the fun won't stop there!

A cruise along the Pacific coast of America

We can detect that you're the type of person who thrives in the hustle and bustle of cities and who loves big experiences. Why not take in a whole range of them from sleepy Mexico, to bustling San Diego, laid-back and hip San Francisco to the beautiful stately architecture in Victoria, Canada.
You can also keep as busy as you like while you sail in between the ports, and the people you meet on cruises are often friends for life!

A Bahamas and East Coast America cruise

Hmm, do we detect the edge of a party lover here? You may not be a party animal but you know how to have fun and this is why you're so suited to a cruise taking in the Bahamas and East Coast America. You can start with the laid back vibes of Bahamas, experience exotic fun in Florida and then dive into the bustling madness of New York city!
You won't be doing it alone as a sociable soul like you is bound to make lots of friends on the ship and in the ports of call!

A Panama Canal Cruise

You seem to be a person who likes to do things just a little bit differently. This means a cruise is perfect for you as it includes so many different experiences. You can take in a variety of iconic American and South American cities and enjoy the surreal experience of the Panama Canal!
From open sea to narrow canal - you'll have so many tales to tell your friends when you get home.

Trans Atlantic Cruise

You seem to be one of life's explorers and while it is one thing to enjoy a range of diverse and fascinating cities, it's quite another to cross a huge ocean in the process! Travelling from the Mediterranean to South America you'll take in the mighty sea and hopefully some of the wildlife it contains as well as a whole host of on-board activities. Life may never be the same again!

A Northern Europe cruise

You're someone who doesn't need to lie on a beach for a fortnight to feel that they've had a good vacation. You also seem to be interested in discovering new things - maybe even with a strong link to the past. A cruise could take in the volcanoes of Iceland, the Fjords in Norway, the historic architecture of Helsinki in Finland, and maybe the castles of Dover, England and Copenhagen, Denmark.
If it's a bit cool outside you'll always get a warm reception when you return to the ship!

When does your vacation really start?

When I book it

When I start packing

When I get to the airport

When I get off the plane

You'd most like to visit somewhere that:

No-one has heard of

Everyone has heard of and would like to visit

Not many people go to

And what most influences your choice of destination?

The climate


Natural beauty

Fun activities

You tend to travel:


With just enough stuff to keep me happy


What’s the biggest challenge about being a tourist?

The language barrier

Calculating the currency exchange

Coming home

Deciding what to do first

Travelling is the ultimate way to:

Learn about new cultures

Learn about myself

What would you never do on vacation?

Get up early

Check work email

Claim a sunbed with my towel

Hire a car and explore the whole area

How do you prefer to get around in a new area?

On foot

Local transport

Hire a car

On a guided bus tour

What do you take to read on vacation?

Magazines to keep up with the gossip

Some fun romance or adventure novels

Literary fiction I don't normally get time to read

Guide and phrase books for the local area

What would tempt you to live abroad?

Sun, sea and parties!

The chance to re-discover myself

An interesting business opportunity

If I could make my money go further

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