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What Kind of Shopper Are You?

For some it's a means to an end. For others it's therapy, exercise (often done in high heels) and self-expression - all rolled into one. It's time to find out your shopping style!

Savvy shopper

You have a sensible head on dynamic shoulders and you know how to get the most out of your money. Let other's waste theirs by paying too much, or by succumbing to the lure of brand names (when other products are just as good, sometimes better), you invest time in your purchases and reap the rewards!

Bargain hunter

You know just how it feels to grab yourself a really good bargain, but it's certainly not because you're cheap! In the ever-evolving battle between stores and consumers you like to stay one step ahead. Whether this is planning purchases around discount sales, shopping around, or simply not being fooled by marketing ploys. You're a worthy shopping opponent and your bank account loves you for it!

Shiny shopper

If there's something beautiful and shiny there's every chance that you just have to have it! You are a shopping magpie, attracted by all things gorgeous and your impulsive nature means you sometimes bring home things you never knew you needed.
You're a true impulse buyer regardless of whether you're in the grocery store or your favorite fashion shop and get lots of pleasure from the fun things you buy.

List shopper

If it's not on the list it's not going in your basket - well, maybe that's a bit extreme! But you, more than others, tend to shop with particular items in mind. You're much less likely to be distracted by summer items on sale when you go shopping for a new winter coat - unless they're absolute bargains! You also don't tend to view shopping as a recreational activity - unless there's a cake break or something more interesting thrown in!

You most want your clothes to be:


A bargain

High quality

A statement about who I am

And most of the clothes in your wardrobe are:


Name brand



You tend to buy luxury items:


In a shop

A mix of both

How often do you check luxury items in a shop and then buy them cheaper online?

I've never tried it

Sometimes - it depends what I'm buying

Whenever possible!

How often do you visit big shopping malls?

Once or twice a week

Only when I need something specific

Mainly when the sales are on

Not often, I prefer the independent shops

The best shopping experience is:





You're upgrading your phone. You'd be most tempted by one that:

Has all the features I'll want to use

Gives me the most for my money

Will make my friends jealous

I've noticed being advertised

Your favorite shop's got a big sale on. You would:

Only buy something if I need it

Pop in to check out what's on offer

Sneak in and brandish my credit card

Get there early to grab the best offers

Your credit card is:

Fully under control

Smoking hot

My safety net

My little secret

Friends like shopping with you because you:

Have impeccable taste

Have bags of enthusiasm

Have control of my spending urges

Have endless patience

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